Workers Compensation Insurance isn’t cheap. So if ever you make a claim – we can make sure you and your staff get the full benefits of what you’ve paid for. Without sending your premiums into the atmosphere.


Make Sure No Salt is Rubbed into the Wounds

Workers Compensation Insurance is a claims driven class of insurance. The variables that compose premium costs are your total wages bill, industry classification and the claims that you may incur throughout the lifespan of your business.

Therefore, the larger your organisation is, the more your workers compensation insurance premiums are influenced by the claims that you incur. The good new is that while you cannot change what you are (i.e. your wages bill or your industry) you can influence the claims you make and the effect that they have on your premiums.

Positive outcomes on claims are achieved by two basic inputs:

1. Injury management and

2. Claims management

Injury Management

Effective injury management is achieved by early intervention and the application of skilled resources that understand medical diagnoses, can interact effectively with health professionals and have the skills to engage and manage injured workers.

A major contributor to poor outcomes (and, therefore, ongoing increased costs) is the misalignment of the right people to the right cases.

Some larger organisations are lucky enough to have these resources internally. But the majority of companies cleverly rely on external providers, like PSC Workers Compensation Services, to ensure far better outcomes.

Claims Management

Effective claims management is all about relationships. Only by establishing a close working relationship with the insurer, claims agent or the self-insurance team to accurately and pragmatically interpret the local legislative requirements and to distil these down into a coherent claims management strategy. This involves determining liability, managing legal and litigated claims and understanding the technical aspects of the legislation within the jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

Our Expertise in Injury and Claims Management

PSC Workers Compensation Services has been working with many clients of all sizes to assist with the management of particular cohorts of injuries. Throughout the years, we’ve also been happy to support the internal resources of larger organisations to effectively manage injuries and claims on an ongoing basis with consultants from a variety of backgrounds including: occupational therapy, exercise physiology, insurance, rehabilitation, education and training.

The variety of skills within our team has us best positioned to provide our clients with the superior support they require to achieve improved outcomes on individual claims and thereby directly reduce our clients’ insurance costs.

Benefits of utilising Workers Compensation Services

1. Access to Experts. We provide your company with highly qualified, experienced industry professionals who truly understand all the intricacies of injury and claims management services.

2. Improved Outcomes. For both your company and your staff.

3. Cost Reductions. Effective management of claims can lead to great ongoing savings on your Workers Comp premiums.

3. Better Strategic Thinking. Assistance in developing the clever strategies you need to resolve all issues for the person injured and for your business.

When to engage this service

Your organisation should consider calling us for help with the design and implementation of improved management systems if:

1. You don’t have an experienced injury or claims manager on staff.

2. You need help managing difficult cases.

3. Your internal resources are having difficulty managing your insurer/Agent.

4. You aren’t confident that the resources you have in place are adequate.

5. Your claims costs are high and/or increasing.

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