Our Unrivalled Experience Ensures Smooth Transitions

Workers Compensation Services has particular expertise in working with many Private Equity firms and corporate organisations that are either acquiring or divesting businesses.

As such, we fully understand the need for timely and accurate advice that provides clear direction to your organisation about the compliance of the target business, any insured exposures or any performance issues that require consideration.

Benefits of an independent review of your target businesses

1. Cost reductions: following a review of the structure of your policy structure, industry classification and declared remuneration.

2. Opportunities to consider alternate programme structures: like self-insurance, burning cost, etc, that would reduce overall costs to the organisation.

3. Compliance: We ensure that the target business has compliant insurance arrangements in place that cover all employees in accordance with the current legislation.

4. Identification of the key drivers of cost: and any underlying performance trends that will determine the management strategies that need to be implemented.

When to undertake a review

1. A basic compliance review of all target businesses is a good idea, in not an essential one. Organisations of all sizes have been found to have issues with insurance coverage that would then transfer to the acquiring organisation.

2. Many of our previous independent reviews have identified opportunities for improvement which have translated to better profitability of the acquisition.

3. The acquisition or divestment means separating a business or establishing a new business.

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