Selecting the service providers for your needs can be tough. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with them can be harder still. But it is well worth the effort.



We are here to help you select the service providers who are perfect for your specific needs

Across the spectrum of activity related to preventing and managing workplace injuries there are many and varied service providers that you need to engage with to achieve the best outcomes. These can include:

  Insurance companies and the agents who represent them

  Software system providers

●  Rehabilitation providers

●  Preferred doctor and allied health networks

●  Actuaries

●  Safety consultants

●  Legal advisors

 … and many more.

For decades, Workers Compensation Services has been nurturing and maintaining an incredibly broad network of preferred providers which we can then call upon to assist our clients’ needs.

Of course, no two companies ever have exactly the same needs. So we work closely with you to run selection processes, set up effective service contracts (which always include key performance indicators) and then monitor the ongoing effectiveness of each provider’s performance.


Benefits of utilising Workers Compensation Services

1. Unrivalled knowledge. Access to highly experienced and qualified industry professionals that regularly engage with a vast array of service providers.

2. Proven performance. Our team has decades of combined experience in running provider selection processes and managing their ongoing performance.

3. Cost Reductions. We regularly uncover opportunities to improve outcomes and achieve cost reductions for our clients.

When to engage us for service provider management

Your organisation should consider calling us for help with the design and implementation of improved management systems if:

1. You’re looking to implement strategic risk management initiatives supported by external service providers.

2. You need help managing difficult cases requiring legal, investigative or rehabilitation support.

3. You’re considering or currently using actuarial services.

4. You are currently using a specialised software programme or considering doing so.


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